M. C. Escher at Dulwich Picture Gallery with the kids

escher exhibition with kids

The Amazing World of M.C. Escher exhibition with kids

escher with kids

escher exhibition with kids

Dulwich Picture Gallery a child friendly art experience.

However since I had kids my gallery visits are few and far between, although I have been countless times to the likes of family friendly Science Museum and Horniman, a stroll around an art gallery is a rare luxury. But this was a show not to miss, Escher being my husbands favourite artist and also the Dulwich Picture gallery are very good at catering for family visits.

I was not disappointed, the first thing I noticed was crayons and the family trail sheets for the kids to fill out. The helpful staff seeing my predicament: 3 kids in muddy wellys, raincoats and  buggy entering the elegant gallery on a busy Sunday afternoon, shoved a clip board in my eager 3 and 6 year old’s hands, an off we went to enjoy the temporary exhibition of E.C. Escher.

I got a real insight into M. C. Eschers work seeing it in this major retrospective show and the kids really enjoyed it, the staff went out of their way to be helpful, beats many other gallery experiences we have had as a family.

escher exhibition with kids

E.C. Escher is renowned for his optical illusions; hands drawing hands, stairs leading nowhere springs to mind. However going through the show, there were several images I knew but didn’t realise were made by Escher. His images have entered into our visual language , known through LP covers, and impossible geometrical shapes that have captured our imaginations for decades. My eldest son is fascinated by optical illusions so he was mesmerized, and he noted that the game Monument Valley he plays must have been inspired by Escher, illustrating how Escher’s legacy lives on.

escher exhibition with kids


escher exhibition with kids

The Dulwich Picture Gallery is in a beautiful historic building with a lush garden, which some of us enjoyed a lot. To start off we had lunch in the garden albeit muddy it was a relaxed affair with kids running around and no one minding. Afterwards we met up with some friends in the adjacent Dulwich Park, so make sure you don’t miss the The Amazing World of M.C. Escher exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery and bring the kids along.

escher exhibiton with kids

escher exhibition with kids

The Amazing World of M.C. Escher Exhibition is at Dulwich Picture Gallery until 17 January 2016
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