How doing an online MATS course during lockdown has kept me sane

Hello friends!

This website of mine has been seriously neglected for a while.
But during this long lockdown period, I have had time to do stuff I have been neglecting and putting off for long. So these are hard times for all of us, and I have been lucky in that no one in my immediate family has yet been affected by COVID-19 other than our usual busy travel schedules have been severed like everyone else’s, and we have not been able to see family or friends in other European countries in these last few months. Also, my work as a creative director for our family business and homeschooling three kids between 8 and 14 has kept me very busy, and it hasn’t been easy. But what has kept up my mood has been taking a MATS course run by the inimitable art agent Lilla Rogers.

The bried was to make an non-objective painting

I am a long time fan of Monika Forsberg’s work and I remembered that she had posted something about #makeartthatsells awhile back and that made me curious as I had followed Monika’s career since she graduated RCA sometime before me and she is such a great inspiration soI decided to take the leap to do a Bootcamp in illustration.

A poster for ‘West Side Story’ stage musical.

Lilla Rogers know-how and kindness has been a remedy during the lockdown and the Mats’ Facebook group has been a lifeline, with the kind support and encouragement of strangers that are taking the same online course.

Drawing portraits: Issa Rae

Drawing peopleThis has made me focus on my illustration work again.  With actual deadlines and a place where to showcase the work in a supportive group has been so good for my confidence. Inspired by the awesome illustrators on the Bootcamp I have taken up digital drawing and am learning to use Procreate, which is so much fun. Here are some of the work I have done during the course.

Paisley patterned jigsaw puzzle

Here you can find some more amazing course run by Lilla Rogers and her team. 

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