Nordic design sensibility

Light summer nights, Birch wood, pine trees, wild berries, happy kids, mud.

The Nordic design sensibility informs Ebba’s photography and illustration.


There is a strong culture in Nordic countries surrounding childhood. Children take a big place in Scandinavian society, which echoes through to the fabric of the clothes, the shape of the furniture, the informality of public spaces and the sensible aesthetics.


Ebba’s work is influenced by  Scandinavian artists like Jockum Nordstrom and photographers/illustrators  such as Camilla Engman‘s work and you can find in her drawings and photography a certain Nordic quality.
Especially in the way that children are portrayed, in her photography Ebba is trying to catch the essence of the free and happy child. As a visual person her first memories are still alive,  the remembrance of flowers in her parents garden and the perspective from low down is something she uses in her work, also as a parent she thinks its important to see the world from the childs perspective.






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