My girl and Libri Curiosi

my girl and libri curiosi

My girl and Libri Curiosi

For my daughter Gaia’s 6th birthday this year we got a fabulous gift from her Italian aunty “zia” Priscilla, a book from Libri Curiosi. She loves books and is just starting to read independently, so we were all very impressed, including mum, dad and grandparents, especially as it was a wholly personalized book featuring our Gaia as the main character.

my girl and libri curiosi
The book from Libri Curiosi  is called “Le Olympiadi di Gaia”. Its about the Olympic Games for kids 2015, which Gaia joins together with her friends. The illustrations are very colourful bright and modern. Its written in an informative and friendly manner.

The book from Libri Curiosi introduces my daughter to several sports such as; tennis; swimming; sword fighting; athletics; gymnastics; cycling, and many more. She will learns facts about sports and motivate her to think she can become a champion herself.

What we like the most with the book from Libri Curiosi is that it encourages her to feel like she can achieve her goals as her alter ego the main character in the book. The book has a positive message about how if you put effort in you will achieve and in the end she and her team wins the gold cup.
my girl and libri curiosi
The process is very simple, her aunt Priscilla simply uploaded a picture of our daughter and personalised the text with the name of us, her best friends, her hobbies such as ballet, and gymnastics. This makes the experience of reading the book from Libri Curiosi together with my daughter very personal and special.
my girl and libri curiosi
Libri Curiosi also does other personalised gifts such as cups, mousemats, puzzles, phone covers etc.

The book is written by: Roberta Basso,  Illustrations by: Elisa Patrissi

Published by Libri Curiosi, Italy 2015

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