Mini Kånken

One of my most cherished belongings as a child was my red Fjäll Kånken backpack which followed me through my school years it was only temporarily uncool for my 13 year old self.


Now  my children carry toys. books and change for nursery in their own Kånken mini  by Swedish backpack makers Fjällräven.
Kånken is a variation of the word kånka which is the verb meaning: “carry heavy weight” my English vocabulary isn’t large enough to find the English equivalent I’m sure you good people will know it.


Cosmo loves his little backpack, the greatest thing with these bags are that they are so sturdy, and they come with a little cozy removable seat cover inside perfect for winter picnics in the park or ski holidays. They are also washable contrary to what it says on the washing instructions I have put my into the washing machine as especially the yellow one gets very grubby.

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