Dinosaurs in the flesh and bone at the Sapienza University

Dinosaurs In the Flesh and Bone

Dinosaur Roar…

dinosaurs in flesh and bone rome

If at loss what to do when visiting Rome with children, go to the exhibition Dinosaurs In the Flesh and Bone (Dinosauri in Carne e Ossa), that is on at the Sapienza University campus, Rome. Showcasing realistic dinosaur sculptures created by a team of Italian archeologist and artists. We went there with my kids, my sister in law and her little boy. Our dinosaur crazy kids loved the T-Rex’s and all the other exhibits.

Part of the dinosaur exhibition in Rome was set in the botanical garden and the greenery gave a realistic feel to the Jurassic animals.
Curated by Simone Maganuco and Stefania Nosotti created by Geomodel in collaboration with Sapienzas Earth siences department (Geology and Paleontology and Museum of Paleontology)
and environmental biology and managed and organized by Association Paleontological APPI.
Authoritative Scientific Committee, composed of established scholars nationally and internationally;
including Umberto Nicosia, paleontologist at Sapienza, and John ” Jack ” Horner ,
the famous paleontologist of the Museum of the Rockies in Montana, who was inspirational and
scientific adviser to the film Jurassic Park, and the Honorary President of APPI.

The exhibition is a creative mix of science and art that wants to introduce the audience of any age to the wonderful world of the past rulers of the planet.
Very much worth a visit even if its is a bit out of the center.


Dinosauri in carne e ossa
 From 27 december 2014 until 31 May 2015
 University Campus
 piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Roma
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