My girl and Libri Curiosi

my girl and libri curiosi

My girl and Libri Curiosi For my daughter Gaia’s 6th birthday this year we got a fabulous gift from her Italian aunty “zia” Priscilla, a book from Libri Curiosi. She […]

My big Italian-Swedish wedding

Emanuele ♥︎ Ebba 1/11/14 Photography: Livia Siciliano Here are some photos from our Italian wedding in calabria taken by my university friend Livia Siciliano, a photographer and translator who lives […]

Peppa Pig World

We decided on the spur of the moment to go to Peppa Pig World for Cosmos 2nd birthday this weekend. And we were so lucky it was a sunny day […]

Christmas Crafts

Had a lovely day Saturday selling mine and Serena Condolucci’s handmade Christmas cards at my children’s school Christmas Fayre. There were some other lovely stuff  like handmade soaps by Valarona […]